My First Haul

Hey everyone! 

The past week or so has been a bit crazy. I’ve gotten hired, gotten a dog, and am still trying to adjust to being a serious adult and taking care of my own house! It’s been raining nonstop where I live so everything’s been a bit boring, and I haven’t been able to go running. 

I start my new job tomorrow, so I have done some shopping for work clothes. I am going to be working at a women’s fitness center, meaning I am lucky enough to wear fitness clothes to work! 

Here’s what I picked up..


I got three tops, and three bottoms. 

ImageFor tops, the first I picked up was the green v neck from Danskin Now at Walmart. It’s showing a lot more blue than it is in person. It’s a wicking material and fits fairly well for only costing 5.96! Secondly is the bright neon lime tshirt from C9 at Target. This is a more cotton-y feeling shirt and I’m not sure I’ll love to get super sweaty (TMI) in it, but it was clearanced for 6.98. Lastly, I picked up a tank from Marika Tek at TJ MAXX. This is my favorite top I picked up. It fits long enough to cover up my bum so I don’t feel awkward when I wear tighter bottoms.Image

I picked up three bottoms as well. My first pair of crops is from Avia, and I found them at TJ MAXX as well. They were 16.99, and are AMAZING quality. I am in love with them and can’t wait to wear them running. The shorts are from C9 and were 14.99. I really like that they have a thick waistband. I also picked up the Kyodan crops from TJ MAXX which were 19.99. When I got home, I googled the brand and there’s a rumor floating about that Lululemon owns the company? Who knows. 

That’s my haul! Let me know if you like this type of post, or if you’d like to see how the pieces fit. 

Thanks for reading!