Bumps in the Road

Hey everyone!

Well, unfortunately workouts fell a bit on the wayside this week. We have been pretty busy, and had a friend come into town Thursday who stayed with us. We also slipped up quite a bit in our eating. Eating out with friends kind of trumped our resolve to be healthy.

But, we are lucky enough to be able to try again next week. Sometimes I have a hard time sticking to something if I mess up within the first bit of a project. That’s why blogging is at times a struggle. I don’t always remember that people can’t reach success without having a couple of hiccups that cause them to mess up too.

Next week I will be back in a routine so that I can really start all of this: blogging, exercise, and eating right.

Sorry this post is a bit on the boring side, but next week I am planning to include a lot more pictures in my posts and hopefully some better content!

Thanks for sticking this out with me!